Jun 22

Harvard Law School Alumni Offer Advice

This powerful and informative article takes a look at Harvard Law School graduates and the advice that they offer to those interested in the finance sector. Featured in the article are Jim Cramer, Todd Buchholz, Sean Healey and Jim Donovan. As the article describes Donovan it says, “Not only can Jim Donovan ’93 help you decide how best to fund your child’s education, he can even help you select the school. If you want to start a company or buy a house, go ahead and call him. Just make sure you’ve got at least $25 million in liquid assets before you pick up the phone.”

He returns to HLS each year to urge others to go into finance. As he said, “First, [a law degree] is a great credential. Second, you learn a lot about tax and trusts and estates, and third is the approach. The logical approach that you learn in law school for solving problems is very helpful.”