Aug 18

Students Offer Ten Reasons They Chose the University of Virginia School of Law

Certainly, it’s refreshing to hear what students have to say about their school experience. Recently, the John W. Glynn, Jr. ’65 Law & Business Program at the University of Virginia School of Law asked their students about why they chose the school. Here are a few of their answers.

Their faculty teaches from real world experience. This includes people like George Yin, who was the chief of staff of the US Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation from 2003-2005. Paul Mahoney was another example and Jim Donovan was a third. Jim Donovan, as a managing director of Goldman Sachs, brings his experience from his real world encounters to his teaching.

There are student organizations that add practice experience and also help with networking. They have an annual entrepreneurship competition that allows students to focus their skills.
To learn more about the student responses, read the whole article.

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